The American Dream By Roberto Acuna

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The American dream is starting small and having freedom in order to grow into your best fully developed self working in your dream job living with the people you love. The American dream is not accessible to everyone in America since there are many possibilities you could end up in a job that pays you lower that your dream job and that may keep you away from your loved one.
I believe that most people who arrive to America don’t have much access to the American dream. Roberto Acuna talks about farm workers on page 71 “When we try organization to better our live, they are afraid. Suffering people never dreamed it could be different.” People who are put into categories of the lower class, don’t believe in themselves into pursuing their dream because they don’t have the freedom in order to do that. “ They have cotton machines that took jobs away from thousands of farm workers. Those people wind up in the ghettos of the cities, their culture, their families their unity destroyed.” So as you can see the evidence speaks for itself. The American dream: education,
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“The hope of a mill worker’s son who dares to defy the odds; the hope of a kid who believes that America is a place for him.” “The dropouts and hippies are not afraid of failure as their parents and grandparents.” There will always be difficulty, uncertainty, and audacity in the face of opportunities. The American dream is not attainable to some people who are welcome to America from different countries since massive opportunities aren’t found just about anywhere for anyone. There are places in America that still don’t give people all necessary rights regardless of their gender, race, and cultural values which allows freedom in order to achieve the American dream. Although there are numerous chances out there, it's clever to catch any opportunity that comes your way and take advantage of it to help make it attainable as
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