The American Dream By The Declaration Of Independence

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The American Dream Introduction The American dream is the hope in freedom which enables all citizens to achieve their goals through hard work. The American dream is a belief of equality and prosperity in America. The American dream is a set of ideals that allows society to have high standards of living through hard work of citizens. The country has no barriers and every member who works hard has an equal opportunity. The hope of having a sense of social equality is the American dream (Stalp). It is the belief the society will live a better life, and have many opportunities based on each person’s ability. The American dream is where people have attained maximum achievement and not judged on the basis of their circumstances of births or status. Foundations of American Dream The American dream was established by the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence was signed by thirteen states to free themselves from the rule of British. The declaration describes the problems the states experienced under the colonialist and shows the need for the states to become independent and separated from the colonial rule. The declaration founded the American History and still an important document though it has no legal authority it formed framework for creating the constitution (Johannessen). The declaration begins with an introduction showing the need for independence. It proceeds to the preamble which states that the citizens are equal, and rights should be protected by
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