The American Dream By Thomas Wolfe

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Today, numerous individuals move to the United States of America looking for the American

Dream; flexibility, uniformity, and the chance to accomplish their own objectives in life that they

couldn 't generally accomplish in their country. The American Dream is the quest for flourishing

furthermore, opportunity that drives individuals to push their own particular points of confinement and continue on so as to lead

fruitful lives and accomplish whatever objectives they set. The American Dream is a reality; each

resident of the United States of America has the chance of its accomplishment regardless

partialities they may face, contingent upon their steadiness and good fortune.

The term " The American Dream" has a couple of understandings, however a standout amongst the most prominent is " Life,

freedom, and the quest for joy" (Declaration of Independence1) which is the fantasy

that most Americans make progress toward. In easier terms, The American Dream is the chance of

the quest for flexibility, opportunity and fulfillment of requirements and needs. As Thomas Wolfe

said, " each man, paying little mind to his introduction to the world, his sparkling, brilliant open door ...the privilege to live,

to work, to act naturally, and to wind up whatever thing his masculinity and his vision can consolidate

to make him" (Wolfe2). This quote clarifies how everybody in the United States gets the privilege

to satisfy this American Dream: to work as an
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