The American Dream Dead Alive Analysis

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For years there has been debate over the state of the American Dream. There are many differing opinions over not only its health, but how it is defined. In his essay, The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?, Brandon King adds to the ongoing argument by stating that the American dream is alive, but has changed from what it was originally. He states that the American Dream used to be the ability to become wealthy. However it has now become the ability to earn and honest living and to save for the future. He continues to explain to American’s what this information means in the context of the recession of 2009. He also strives to prove that the American Dream has not been destroyed by the economic hardship. King creates an effective argument…show more content…
Most of those he quotes are knowledgeable in economics. For example he includes a quote from the writer Dana Golden that concludes that if the rich have more money than they will spend it, stimulating the economy (Page 614, Para.2). Not only does this quote support his claim that the large income gap will not harm the American Dream, but it also increases his reliability since it proves to the readers that other credible individuals agree with him. He also quotes economist Carl Thomas that the rules which govern the American Dream still work, even if today’s society does not recognize them (Page 614, Para.3). Since Thomas is an economist his quote continues to build King’s argument that the poor economy of 2009 has not destroyed the new American Dream. American’s simply need to recognize the rules which society refuses too. American’s can trust what King says because he provides quotes from others who are not only experts in the field, but also agree with him. As American’s trust him more, his argument grows in…show more content…
He uses positive words to encourage Americans to feel positive towards the new American Dream. He uses the phrase “more alive and important than ever” (qtd. in King, Page 611, Para.1) to describe the viability of the new American Dream. This phrase invokes positive feelings in American’s that help them to accept the prevalence of the new dream. He also describes the American Dream as “the way someone imagines how to be successful” (qtd. in King, Page 611, Para.1). This phrase reveals that the American Dream is ever-changing, only limited by the imagination. The phrase provokes excitement in American’s as they realize that the American Dream is accessible as long as they keep open minds. King also includes positive words throughout the essay, such as “alive”, “intact” , “Achieve success”, and “believe” (qtd. in King, Page 615, Para.1). As American’s read this essay words such as these will invoke happy feelings toward the new American Dream. King gains the feelings of American’s through his use of pathos, thus he strengthens his argument greatly. King’s argument that the American Dream has morphed into the ability to work for an honest living and to save for the future is effective. He uses facts and surveys to logically prove his claim. He quotes knowledgeable individuals who agree with his argument in order to strengthen his credibility. He also employs positive words and phrases
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