The American Dream Essay : The American Dream

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Among many Americans, a common misconception exists. This misconception is the belief that all Americans can achieve anything, no matter where they started from. This belief can be considered the American Dream. I have personally perceived that the American Dream is a malleable belief that changes with every person who wields it. For some, it might be living the high life at the end of Wall Street, finally receiving the job as a lawyer they always wanted, or lounging on a front porch of a country barn, watching the sun slowly creep over the horizon. In reality, only those fortunate enough to be born in a wealthy family with no ethnic oppression can really achieve the American Dream. The American Dream is possible, but it’s constantly becoming less available to many Americans. As inferred by David Wallechinsky in his essay, “Is the American Dream Still Possible,” the American Dream has progressively gotten more difficult to achieve for many. In this essay, Wallechinsky describes what he views as the American Dream and provides evidence of why it’s not achievable. As stated in the text, “Almost two-thirds say they live from paycheck to paycheck, and 47% say that no matter how hard they work, they cannot get ahead. More than a third worry about job loss” (65). Wallechinsky not only provides a widespread belief that the American Dream isn’t possible, he supports it with evidence by providing data from the Mark Clements Research Inc. Survey that states the poverty many americans
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