The American Dream

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Dan Rather, a journalist and news anchor for the CBS Evening News states that “[a] college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.” There are many different paths to the American Dream. Two paths that people can use to reach the American dream are to go straight to a university after high school or transferring to a university after two years at a community college. The main differences in going to a university and transferring to a university from a community college to reach the American dream are campus life, cost, and graduation/transfer rates. At a university the campus life is very lively and engaging. Students attending…show more content…
Even though there are many different extracurricular activities not many people get involved. There are many different reasons as to why people at a community college do not go the extra mile to get involved. Pannoni shares that one reason students do not get involved because “many students work and don 't have much time to be involved in anything other than getting a degree or taking classes… [and] many students who weren 't on campus when events were happening didn 't want to make a special trip just to attend.” (Pannoni 5). The main reason students did not want to make a trip to campus to attend an event is because a lot of students who attend a community college commute. The difference in experience reflects on the cost of universities and colleges. The costs vary drastically between universities and community colleges. It is no secret that universities’ cost is way more expensive than community colleges. In California, there are three different types of post-secondary schools. The three types of schools are public universities (CSUs and UCs) , private universities, and community colleges. Each type of school has a different price. The first type of public universities in California is the California State University system. At California State University, Long
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