The American Dream

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The American dream; it has a certain ring to it that gives us a touch of pride somewhere deep inside. We gravitate towards thinking we live in the greatest country worldwide and although we cooperate with others like Canada, we consider ourselves to have the best of everything. We do not openly boast about how many millions of Americans struggle daily to remain afloat in many ways nationwide. Hitting rock bottom and having bills to pay on top of normal responsibilities like families can be so much pressure it can make a person desperate. The stigma and biased held toward people receiving benefits from welfare programs gives a sense of embarrassment and they struggle to either find work entirely or they take positions that are underpaid. Mark Robert Rank tells us, “In general, recipients work at jobs similar to those they held in the past- positions requiring semi-skilled or unskilled labor, paying low wages, lacking benefits, and usually part-time” (119). Americans as a whole are far more wealthy than other countries and we hear constantly about other countries that are starving or sick. In our own country we have similar problems and sometimes a blind eye is turned because it is not an admirable subject. Moreover, we look at the stereotypical person on welfare as a menace to society when in truth, some are struggling due to lack of proper work and to help them would be a great asset to the United States. The majority of people utilizing welfare programs have
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