The American Dream

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The "American Dream" is an idea that has always been different throughouttime. It changes in diverse forms and in the end involves success. The "American Dream" was a phrase used by the American people and peoplewanting to become American. It was always the idea that you can become a success. This is true in a partial way, but the true "American Dream" is that with somework and determination anyone can build themselves up in the economic classsystem. The 80 's was an eye opener to a lot of new things, new music, new styles, new points of view on life and new technology. Music was a big hit for the 80 's and so was the technology. A home, family, job and fun was basically what everyone needed to live ahappy life. In the 80 's, people saw the American dream, as a simple task of success andthose years defined them. They were the generation in between differences and facing disagreement andnot turning our backs. The 80 's may have made them idealistic, but it 's idealism that will push themand be passed on to their children, the first children of the twenty-first century. Yolanda McClain a 54 year old African American mother of 3 had a dream of providing for her 3 kids. Yolanda follows God with a social economic status of middle class her dream almost came true. Yolanda 's first child finished school and now is enrolled in medical school. Yolanda quotes "And the other two can 't keep a job worth shit" Christian and Muslim Aleshia Mcmath, a 39 year old mother with an
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