The American Dream

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Yes: the "American dream" of one day owning a home is still alive and well among Millennials. Let me explain: The "American Dream" embodies the right to seek happiness, work a job and to buy a home; which allows each of us to feel safe and relaxed, support having a family, stability to pay off bills and one day retire; contribute and act within society, with the aim of being able to do the things that make us happy. It is an idea that aligns with the conscious of the Millennial generation for the fact that it reflects the need to own a space in the world whilst acknowledging the fact that each individual has a responsibility for that space and there are real consequences for owning this space.
The societal shift occurring is the methods by which we fulfill this dream. Millennials often go to college (acquiring student loan debt), then join the workforce, sometimes travelling before or after college. Career movement is common; Millennials expect for job changes to occur every 18 months to 6 years. Millennials live with roommates or return home to family to enable them to responsibly meet their financial needs of paying off student loans and paying for active social lives involving dating, exercise clubs, adventure vacations, purchasing stylish wardrobes or automobiles and smart phones or laptops.
The "American Dream" is alive, but changes in cost of living are changing how fast a Millennial can acquire a home. Education is commonly known as a controllable method to expand
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