The American Dream

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The American dream has been a long-time staple of the nation; an achievement that wasn’t exclusive to anyone and could be acquired by everyone. This is the American Dream that Tim Roemer speaks of in his article “America Remains the World’s Beacon of Success”. In his piece, he tells his audience that regardless of where he traveled or whom he spoke with, everyone was fascinated with the illusion of coming to America and fulfilling their dreams. He proposed that the American Dream was very much alive and still sought after by millions and that Americans should realize the privilege they have to already be a part of such a great nation. Roemer seems to only focus his sights on the positive feedback foreigners give about the United States without really taking into account all the real issues and unhappiness that is shared among its citizens. Over time, with globalization, expansion and even governmental shifts, the American Dream has come to vanish under the overflowing issues the nation faces. The American dream is an illusion lost in time as the disputes over immigration, the unveiling acts of racism, the resonating fear amongst residents, and even the primitive health care system near the creation of an inhabitable environment.
Considered the melting pot of the word, the United States sees a great influx of immigrants yearly. Yet, the land of opportunity isn’t as ideal as outsiders may view it. Immigration has been the topic of controversy for many years and it has
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