The American Dream

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The American dream is a subjective idea that can mean money and fame for some or just the idea of freedom to others. What we believe is our path to reach this dream determines whether or not we are blinded by corporations’ image of the “American Dream”. Corporation’s main goal is to subtly coerce consumers into believing in the corporate world’s idea of the “American Dream”. They accomplish this by placing consumer’s into general categories which depicts how they will consume and place them in a cycle of false-consciousness which ultimately leads to the circulation of money within the rich and the stunting of the poor’s “hope” and possibility to obtain a better life. The barrier that stops low class citizens from advancing creates a “new primitive” society in which everyone blindly participates in the “norm” and becomes stuck in time. The ideology of a successful life is forced on citizens from childhood. Cartoons are made by corporations to illustrate how people should act in society and set standards on “the way to live”. Mickey Mouse is an example of this because he has transformed into the pleasant face of all of Disney has branched into the lives of so many children around the world, bringing them cheer and joy in the comfort of their homes. These ideals are stored and used to comprehend every other social conformity from childhood to adulthood. Even R.O. Dent resonates with the happiness felt by the many children of the world and thinks of Mickey as an innocent mouse
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