The American Dream

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The idea of the American Dream can be first traced back to a book called The Epic of America by author James Truslow, where he states, “The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” This idea of better opportunity really summarizes the goal of many early American immigrants as they traveled from faraway lands in hopes of a better future. Many would say this idea of prosperity is the American Dream; a better place for everyone’s own success, however, success is largely dependent on individual skill and ability. As we look more in depth of the idea of the American Dream, we notice the flaws within itself both…show more content…
An average working-class American can be dedicated to his work, strive for success, and still never achieve his or her goal of escaping the middle class. Regardless of the totality of one’s effort, there are many other outside factors that come into play towards one’s own financial success. Many of these factors being beyond one’s control, factors such as: social class, race, gender, economic standpoint, and intelligence all play into an individual’s chances towards success. In regards again to Truslow’s testimony, he states that a person’s opportunity for the American Dream is largely dependent on the ability and achievement of themselves. Success and the American Dream are largely intertwined, but success cannot be used as a standard among all people striving for the American Dream. Success is personal; what one might consider to be a success another might see it as another typical day. A person’s definition of success is also largely incorporated into their social class and economic standings. If the root of the American Dream is ultimately to achieve success in one’s own life, then it is also up to the individual to define their own success. With this said, every American can achieve the American Dream if they are reasonable and set their idea of success at an obtainable goal. If this is truly the case, then
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