The American Dream

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From top education from universities like Yale and Harvard, to minority rights and diversity, the United States has always been known as the “land of opportunities” for people around the globe. Many aspire to possess the American Dream, a chance to have equal rights and opportunities to achieve their goals along with a safe and comfortable lifestyle through grit and hard work. The concept of the American Dream developed long ago when people from the Old World began to conceive hopes and dreams for a better life. A large number of those dreamers wanted to own lands and secure a prosperous career; some wanted to create a better lifestyle for the later generations. Thus, they left their home countries and set sail for the New World. Although The Dream was popularized by the United States, it can also be available in other countries that have good education, are industrialized and economically developed. Poor cities in the United States and underdeveloped countries may have a lower chance of achieving the modern American Dream, but it is not entirely impossible considering that there have been people that left their home countries in the past and moved to better nations in order to produce a better life for themselves and/or their families. Modernized countries with good education, such as Australia and Canada, are able to achieve the American Dream. According to OECD Better Life Index, Australians earn 50,449 USD per year on average and an estimated 83% of individuals with at
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