The American Dream Fallacy

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The American Dream: Reality or Fallacy?
Angel Agyemang Prempeh
Saginaw Valley State University.

The American dream is about social class mobility; the idea that one can move from a poor family to the middle or even wealthy class. It bears the notion that one’s origins does not determine status but rather with hard work and sacrifice anyone can attain the level of success that they dream off. Whereas many attribute the tenets of this paradigm to the Declaration of Independence which states that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, the term, American dream was actually coined by writer and
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Wealth has been heavily retained among a small fraction of the population thus, the fluidity between classes has become so viscous and arguably stagnant. As Noam Chomsky puts it in Requiem for the American dream, it has become more of a cycle right now; one where the rich are the only ones capable of wielding power or leadership and once that level is attained, they work policies and laws in their favor at the expense of the masses. In the long run, the rich get richer and the poor also get poorer. The dynamics of this system and the current political atmosphere has led many to ask if the American dream is still…show more content…
Whereas majority came for tourism purposes, there is a significant percentage who pursue to path of emigration. Contrary to many speculations and political rhetoric, the process of travelling to the United States is not an easy one. There are several steps to take before one can be allowed into the country. These steps differ in degree of scrutiny based on the standing of the immigrant. Refugees and Asylum seekers undergo long and tiring screening processes in order to be approved. The case of an individual who wants to travel for studying or work purposes is relatively less tedious but not in any way simple. First, one has to submit a petition to the Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Stating purpose of travel, ties to the United States via employer, school or family member, a detailed health and criminal records are submitted along with this. If the petition is approved they are then sent to the Department of States National Visa Center to be preprocessed at a fee. The pre-processing stage can take up to a year but as soon as that is done, you would need to pay visa fees, submit an application form, present financial documents and other supporting documents then schedule a date for an interview. One is required to present only original or notarized copies of the documents when they go for an interview. Failure to do so can be
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