The American Dream For A Long Time Essay

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House, a shelter for people, which is one of a basic requirement for human survival in today’s world. According to Andriotis (2014) and Shlay (2006), homeownership is regarded as an aspect of the American dream for a long time (p.1) (p.527). The American dream, a pursuit that a large number of US citizens seek, require individuals work hard to achieve it. In other words, owing a property has long been a gateway to the American dream. Individuals have possession of the house if they have enough money to afford the payment on a home and be willing to purchase it. Otherwise, people need to rent a house to guarantee that they have a relatively fixed shelter. However, there are the limited rights for the tenants, and thus they have to depend on the decision of owners, whereas the landlords have the power to make a decision on the property since they have the housing ownership. Hence, whether to buy or rent have become a fundamental problem that plagues the individuals. Elsinga and Hoekstra (2005) point that the homeownership not only in favor of personal, but also benefit the community (p.403). Therefore, buying a house is over than renting since it brings tremendous benefits to individuals. Specifically, purchasing a property is a desirable option that generates tax benefit, build self-confidence for owners, and profits the construction of the community harmony rather than renting a house. While it is true that owning a house generates numbers of undeniable benefits,
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