The American Dream: Freedom, Hard Work Guarantees Success and Less Racism

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There were many stories told of racism, of men and women breaking their backs working all day. People have heard of homeless families dying on the streets, and signs swaying back and forth on doors to restaurants forbidding different races to eat there. Is that the case now? Are there still dying people lying on the cold ground with no food or families? Do people see horrific scenes of men and women working in fields all day? Do families still have to witness an African American get up and move to the back of a bus for a Caucasian? No, that is not the case anymore. America is a better country now. In source E it says, “The chair in Washington sat had a sun, and the question was asked, is it rising or setting?” This quote questions…show more content…
Minorities are gaining more respect and are able to have a normal life. The different races, whites, African Americas, Asians, and many more, are like a puzzle piece. Each race fits together and is important to have. Every piece works and relies on each other. This shows that the races have privileges and have freedom.
A second reason why America is not a nightmare is the idea that hard work guarantees success. Many people are working hard each day and are finding results. An example would be source E. This source states, “…that hard work and dedication still guarantees success.” This means that working hard and sacrificing your time to get something done will show results. There will be progress and success. For example, in source B, it shows that a woman named Temple Grandin was successful in life. Temple was an autistic woman since she was a young girl who faced her problems and lived a normal life. In the text it says, “As a result, she has helped many people to reduce stress on their animals during handling.” This means that after all her hard work Temple has done she ended up helping many people in her field of choice. Source B and source E are similar because they both prove that hard work guarantees success. Temple Grandin, an autistic woman has overcome her disorder to accomplish something that not many people would be able to do. Using her special ability to “think in pictures”, she has
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