The American Dream In Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel And Dimed

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Have you ever heard of the dangers of waking up someone who is sleepwalking or how we all evolved from chimpanzees? Both of those are myths, they are not true but as they are commonly spread, many have started believing that they are indeed factual. Myths range from superstitions, stereotypes, and even random facts that were fabricated but believable. Myths are all around us. America, as one of the most popular and publicized countries in the world, naturally has many myths surrounding it, particularly about how great every citizen’s lives must be because they are living in America. When foreigners think of America, they tend to think liberty, the land of opportunity, being able to live a better life and most commonly, the American dream. The American dream is a myth in and of itself. The chances of people from other countries coming to America and living a better life with opportunities to start work at low wages and become prosperous is ridiculously unlikely. The reality of this myth is harsh and discouraging.
As Barbara Ehrenreich realized through personal experience, the American dream only occurs in our dreams. Ehrenreich put herself in the position of a minimum wage worker and documented her experience and story in her book, Nickel and Dimed. Throughout the book, she reveals the reality of the American dream and makes it clear that it does not exist and minimum wage earners can not work their way from rags to riches. “We, however, are only gate-crashers in this
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