The American Dream In Behold The Dreamers

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Many people identify America as the land of opportunity, freedom, and equality, which are ideals used to define the American Dream. The American Dream promises immigrants and citizens a chance to pursue a better life, which is portrayed throughout the novel Behold the Dreamers . Behold the Dreamers , by Imbolo Mbue, follows the lives of Jende and Neni Jonga, an immigrant couple from Cameroon, who live in Harlem in hopes of providing a better life for their family. Throughout the Jonga’s journey, Imbolo Mbue proves that the essentials of hard work, education, and strong families are not enough for achieving the American Dream. Jende and Neni came to America in hopes of a brighter future for their family, but come to face with reality and are forced to make an impossible choice. Americans are taught that the most important essential to achieving success is through hard work, but Jende, as an immigrant, never had the opportunity to be successful no matter how hard he worked. Jende’s journey begins when he is given the opportunity to work for Clark Edwards, a senior executive at Lehman Brothers, as a chauffeur. Clark expects
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