The American Dream In The 1980's

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In the 1980s there were many things going on at the time. A lot of these things could have changed the way the American dream was seen in the eyes of Americans; and people around the world. One of the most important things that we have in our world today was invented. The internet was created, and the creation of the internet is one of the biggest reasons why the American dream might be seen differently today. There were many assassination attempts on some very important people during the 1980s. President Ronald Reagan was punctured in his lung by a bullet and almost died. There was also an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. He got shot in the chest while in his jeep, but he ended up surviving. There were also some very important people in the 1980s that were not as lucky as Ronald Reagan and Pope John II. John Lennon, who was once a Beatle, was killed by a crazed fan in the carriageway of his apartment in New York City. The movie star Rock Hudson…show more content…
A lot of people in foreign countries want to Live the American dream so we were constantly watched around the globe. Ronald Reagan was the president from 1981-1989. His economic plan was to reduce taxes so that people could keep more of what they earned. This would make people work harder and longer. Also, it would lead to more people saving and investing. He was trying to fix all the negative things that happened in the 1970s like the trade deficits and the horrible fiscal policy Jimmy Carter made. Ronald Reagan’s ideas helped the country a lot and really helped make the idea of the American dream easier to achieve. The American dream was influenced by a great number of things in the 1980s. Celebrities dying from a disease is not something common and really shifted the way people thought about America. With that being said the American Dream still holds true. People from all over the world still loved America and wanted to come live out the American Dream
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