The American Dream Of Bruce Springsteen And The American Dream

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Bruce Springsteen and the American Dream Music has the ability to connect with people by the masses, and can tell a story of the current state of time. Bruce Springsteen, one of music’s biggest stars is greatly known for his knack of creating popular music, that’s lyrics tell a story. These stories that Springsteen told through his music, represented believes that he held close to his heart. Springsteen was able to make music that was wildly loved, and that shed light on the so-called American Dream. The American Dream for Springsteen is rooted deep in the idea of populism. Populism is an ideology, which concerns itself with the common, or ordinary people. This ideology makes sure that the common people have a voice and will not be left…show more content…
One aspect that helped this framework of making relevant songs representing the current state in America is that his fans and followers believed he meant his lyrics. His lyrics and performances are what Elizabeth Bird calls authentic (Elizabeth Bird pg 42). Lyons and Lewis attest to this by stating “Springsteen is genuine, … it is a welcomed treat to hear music being played from the heart, for Springsteen has lived his music, and more importantly lives for his music.”(Lewis and Lyrons pg 258 1989). This notion sheds light that even though Springsteen was a music icon, he was himself just a simple man, and genuinely believed in what his songs concerning the average man stood for. Springsteen himself was born in a working class town called Freehold.(Bird pg 39). As suggested in his dialogue from his concerts he has witnessed first hand how his father fell a victim to being a blue-collar man that was forgotten about.(USA Book) Aside from making records that took America by storm Bruce would also make donations to causes that he felt strongly about, such as “food banks, union locals, strike funds, and clean up campaigns.” (Bird 42). Springsteen thus represented a populist, concerned for the average Joe, that made music that would go on to transcend time.

Bruce Springsteen used his lyrics as a powerful tool that connected his words with its listeners. Many of his lyrics represent his views on life, and
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