The American Dream Of The 1920 ' S

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1. We are reading a book written in the 1920 's because it has a message that everyone should know. What gives the book longevity is that the message it conveys is very remarkable. 2.People 's reaction to world war one was hatred. The country was drawn back in terms of development. 3. in my opinion money doesn 't make happiness but it can lead to happiness depending on the person. if the person is really materialistic than money can be their happiness. but if family morals are more important than the money won 't really matter. 4. the American Dream in the 19 twenties was that once you arrive to us everything was going for you prosperity quality in a democratic government. the American dream today however it was different because you must work hard in order to obtain a better life and rights. 5. the moment I would like to relive would be the second time I went to Disneyland. I chose this occasion over the first time I went to Disneyland because this time I was with my brother. we arrived early one Saturday and waited until the gates are open I remember how excited I was to go into the happiest place on Earth with my brother. I was going to have someone to ride with and enjoy myself with. we go on all of the rides a popcorn and ice cream all day.It had been a great day. I wouldn 't change anything because it was with one of my favorite people in a great place. Chapter 1 6. He used the word hope and dream to show that the characters Nick has hopes because he is unhappy with
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