The American Dream Of The Millennial Generation

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As a baby boomer, I feel the “American Dream” of owning a home is still possible, just a little harder to obtain for the Millennial generation. The Millennial generation grew up in changing times as compared to the generations before them. They were on the forefront of the technology age, using their minds instead of the hands to interact with others. They were not challenged to be independent as soon as they turned 18. Most Millennials were not pushed to experience banking, delayed gratification, and struggling for basic needs. They were not taught in high school what a budget was, how to fill out a check, or how to even file their taxes. Most did not even obtain a serious job until after high school graduation. After high school, they were encouraged to get a job and start to pay their own way. Others were off to college, financed by their parents or financial aid. The average young adult started their first jobs in the new job market with the expectation much beyond their skills. This took a few years for them to learn they would not be managers within five years. As they settle down in the job, they look around and found role models among their peers. They learned about banking, stocks, finances, and others who own homes. Since this generation is tech Sauvé, they enhanced their new information with what the internet had to say. And they set about rising to the levels of their peers. The Millennials are getting their acts together, slowly but surely. They stay with their

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