The American Dream

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In Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman he critiques the American Dream. He has previously discussed how it has changed through time and demonstrates its effects in the play. Author Miller uses lies to prevail his message of how the classic American Dream has been tainted. According to Arthur Miller, the American dream has changed drastically throughout time. It began in 1620 with the Mayflower Compact. It originally was about survival but after more than a century and the Declaration of Independence it became Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Afterwards, it also became territorial expansion and manifest destiny. However, as industrialization took over and the frontiers shrank the American Dream shifted gears. It became…show more content…
Willy believes that his mistress was justifiable because he was lonely. "I was lonely, I was terribly lonely." (120) this is critical because it shows the audience that Willy only believes in the money part of the modern American Dream and not the family part of it. In the passage he has once again lied to himself. The American Dream creates false expectations for the Loman family. Bernard warns Willy about Biff’s struggle in math “They're gonna flunk him...” (33) But Willy expects his boys to be the best and so Willy does nothing about it “Don't be a pest, what an anemic!" (33) This quote shows that Willy knew of the problem but expected his boys to fix it themselves. Willy also over-hypes his boys because he believes being well liked is important and also it makes them sound better. "Bernard can get the best marks in school... but when he gets out... you are going to be five times ahead of him." (33) This shows that Willy believes in his boys too much and doesn't actually prepare them. This criticizes the dream because most people believe that their children will be perfect but Miller shows that if you believe in the dream that your children will be perfect magically they will end up nowhere. Author Miller is not the only person to criticize the American Dream. Fitzgerald also criticizes the American Dream
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