The American Dream

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The American Dream is the number one goal in America. It is believed that anybody in America can become famous or successful, own a large house and fancy cars, and have equal freedom and justice. The biggest wrecker to this Dream is consumerism. Consumerism creates a dyadic relationship between buyers and business owners. Business owners use advertisements, strategic planning, and focus on a particular audience in order to get closer to the American Dream. This causes the buyers to be pushed even further from the American Dream, and simultaneously the business owners get even closer. First of all, the American Dream splits our society into two categories, buyers and business owners. The business owners deprive the consumers of ever reaching the American Dream. Business owners aim to have consumers buy products that are useless. This is causing consumers to never actually live the lifestyle that they dream of, only to live from paycheck to paycheck. When my parents were younger, they were very airheaded with their money. They were easily fooled by the tactics of these businesses. When They saw a sale near an item that they intended to buy, they would immediately add the extra useless item to their carts. This caused them to have trouble paying all of our bills, leaving us to live from paycheck to paycheck. The business owners continue to become richer using these tactics allowing them have live the American Dream that everyone desperately longs for. Jesse Juarez
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