The American Dream

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The American dream is unattainable to people in America. One of the problems is the media, and how it gives people this false image that the American dream is about fame and the money. Which then leads to people spending money mindlessly to only live in poverty. In addition to this, social class plays a significant role in who will become successful. The higher class will always have the upper hand when working towards the goal of success while the lower class will stay trapped, preventing people to have a chance on being successful. To add to the topic, race is a key factor to who is successful. Minorites are at a disadvantage specifically when talking about African Americans compared to Caucasians. There is almost no dream for…show more content…
In addition to this, the media shows the American people what success or the American dream looks like, and how happy successful people look and all the fancy things that are bought. Because of the media most people’s American dream is to live a life of luxury without ever owing anything, but most of the time it is impossible to obtain luxuries without owning someone something. For example, many people who do not have money now borrow money form the bank so that they can buy their nice luxurious things to then achieve the same level of happiness they see on media platforms. In context, the idea of personal debt is rarely discussed “and its consequences remains severely understated in the mass media” (Mantsios 378). The consequences such as; poor credit, jail time, and owing large sums of money are filtered out when it comes to showing a celebrity’s lifestyle. Following this begins to show the growing gap between the different socioeconomically classes.
Separation between social classes increases, which creates a lesser opportunity for the class at a disadvantage to achieve the American dream. Social class is an unchangeable identifier to a person that can directly reflect their opportunity to achieve success. For example, a person of a higher class has the money to receive a higher education and a better chance to become successful while the lower-class person, they do not have the money
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