The American Dream

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The American Dream: the achievement of success and prosperity in which every man and woman longs for. The dream of all Americans, to have a long and prosperous life full of wealth and happiness, along with the freedom to care for themselves and their families, freedom of expression and speech, freedom of religion, and much more. Yet, do we truly get to live out this American dream that has defined this country. Most individuals long to come to this country to experience this dream for themselves, yet in watching the documentary, Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore discovers that many of the original American ideals and ideas are moreso practiced in other countries than within the great Motherland herself. Michael Moore set out to Italy, France, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Tunisia, and Iceland in hopes of finding what made these countries great in their own ways. Within these countries, he had discovered a variety of social programs and economic standards in which were all built off of the idea of “The American Dream” and yet they were programs and ideas that were lacking in the U.S.A. Germany, for example, practices the one thing all Liberal American students would long for; a free college education. Students in Germany have what one would call equal opportunity to actually achieve their goals in life. By making education free, more individuals have the opportunity to become successful and gain prosperity as they begin their journey in the working world
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