The American Dream

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Everyone desires to live out the “American Dream” and live a happy, healthy life. An individual that aspires this dream does it with hard work and dedication. We are faced with many different obstacles and challenges, but it is important to strategize and design a different path to be successful. As a millennial, I have been faced with many challenges in my life that have deterred me from my original plans at being successful. I always knew that it was going to take hard work and dedication, along with self-discipline and being financially responsible. Our economy has had it’s share of ups and downs. I have witnessed the struggles it has gone through. Living in California has its pros and cons as well. I often think I will never own a home unless I move out of California. I should not feel restricted because of the state I live in. I want to be able to afford to live anywhere. For the last 10 years, I have moved a lot. I have been renting rooms from relatives or friends. I think about owning my own home every day and how fulfilled I would be. There was a time where I was interested in renting an apartment, but I could not afford it on my income alone. Also, I could not get beside the fact that I would be putting money in someone else’s pocket. There are opportunities out there that give me a chance to invest in my own place and make my own rules. These are some advantages of homeownership. Along with homeownership, you get greater privacy; something I look forward to.
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