The American Dream

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The American dream has always been a big part in the American culture, but as time progresses the context of the dream changes. The American dream started as the belief that one can acquire wealth through hard work and dedication, but now many Americans strive to be rich without hard work. In the play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Miller demonstrates the different versions of the American dream through the main characters. Some of the versions demonstrated are acquiring wealth by popularity, by working hard and….. In the play the main character Willy Loman determines success of the American dream by likeability, and he teaches his sons that appearance is everything. This is a concept that Willy regards highly, and he always preaches it to his sons. For example, he says, “Be well-liked and you will never want. You take me for instance, I never wait in line to see a buyer (Miller 2045).” This demonstrates how Willy exaggerates his popularity, although Willy tries to act like he is well liked we found out later in the play that he is struggling financially. Willy idolizes an 84-year-old salesman, Dave Singleman. Dave Singleman was a very well-liked, hardworking salesman. Willy stated, “He had the greatest career a man could want.” Willy believed he had to be well liked to be a good salesman and acquire wealth. When Dave dies everyone he ever knew came to the funeral. Willy desires to be like Dave because he lived the American dream, and had wealth, popularity.
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