The American Dream Research Paper

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Riley Caswell Mr. Sheedlo English 2B 20 April 2015 American Dream Research Paper 1.Introduction to the American Dream The American Dream has influenced the hopes and future of many Americans. One person’s dream will not be the same as another, because dreams are like snowflakes, there’s never two that are exactly alike. “... each person has the right to pursue happiness- not a self-indulgence, but as fair ambition and creative drive” (American RadioWorks- A Better Life). Many people may have a harder path to achieve their dream, but with hard work and their ability to freely pursue opportunity they will make a better life for themselves. In previous years there has been economic problems that may have impacted many people lives, for example the civil rights act, women’s rights, and gender equality. Many people still question if this concept is still available for everybody, if it was even real, and if it is will it exist for future generations. In this paper, it will help you understand the history and how it originated, American Dream in literature, complications and the interference that it may have, and the recurring question, is the American Dream dead or alive? 2. The American Dream in U.S. History The American Dream has changed and grown from 1776 to present day in many ways. In the United States, we believe that people should freely pursue opportunity. With hard work and dedication they will make a better life for themselves and their family. The American Dream
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