The American Dream : The Idea Of The American Dream

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The American Dream is the idea that every United States citizen has equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. However, ideas of the dream have evolved throughout time from the 18th century up to present day. The general population’s view and my view of the American Dream both have altered throughout time. My idea of the American Dream has developed from not only today’s views on The Dream, but also from the evolutionary process the meaning has been through. Throughout the years, the definition of the American Dream has evolved as the world itself has changed. In the 1800’s, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about ideas that dealt with the American Dream, such as equality, liberty, individualism, democracy, nationalism, capitalism and the rule of law. Later on in the 1930’s, the definition changed. The meaning was now focused on financial status and owning land to farm; furthermore, white picket fences were also part of the dream because of their symbolic meaning towards the ideal middle class lifestyle. James Truslow Adams, a freelance author who popularized American history, gave his thought of the American Dream “The American Dream is that dream of land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone” (James Truslow Adams). However, in the 21st century the meaning has slightly changed, once more it is more about money and less about land. A higher income can lead to higher quality homes, luxury vehicles, and more time for
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