The American Dream: The Plight Of Native Americans

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American Indians were a proud people and they didn't care about what anyone else said or did when the white people first came and the Indians helped the whites through the first winter and they shared dinner in the first thanksgiving and shortly after that we the white people took away their heritage just because we wanted to have more land so to gain more land we forced native Americans into reservations making it so that they cannot follow traditions of following animals to have food and since we have came most of them were wiped out by disease . to say native Americans are living the dream is a huge understatement most of the native of today is miserable and they have lost touch with their culture . some of them have alcohol problems and others have drugs problems the percentage of native Americans that are living comfortably or are making at least $30 , 000 (US ) is very low compared to the number that are struggling to make $5 , 000 (US ) .
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