The American Dream : The Pursuit Of The American Dream

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What makes people who have different backgrounds succeed or fail? The vast number of immigrants who see America as the promised land and those who were born in the country are driven by the American Dream and share faith in the unwritten definition of the American dream: Those who work hard and abide by the rules have an equal chance of succeeding. People realize the attainment of the American dream through home ownership and doing better than their parents. While some repudiate and abandon such dreams as unattainable in the twenty-first century, Brandon King, a law student at Indiana University who wrote “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?” insists that it still exists and is pursuable. King points out that people who are more careful about their spending and seek secure jobs can achieve their dreams and maintain a middle-class lifestyle. Equally important, many researchers study the American dream concept and how to pursue it. Research proves that the American dream is still alive and achievable when people practice self-development, have the right attitude, work smart instead of work hard.
Many people have doubts whether the American dream is just a dream or an attainable goal. This question has been debated at every level of society across the nation; however, research shines the light to people as it proves that the American dream is not only still alive, more importantly, it is achievable albeit more expensive.
As Tony Tian-Ren Lin, stated in his journal
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