The American Dream: The Pursuit Of The American Dream

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To what extent is the American Dream a reality, a promise, or an illusion? Readers can infer what the American Dream means through extensive reading of American literature. “The Great Gatsby”, “I Hear America Singing”, “Of Mice and Men” and, ” I Have a Dream” all show how the American Dream is either a reality, a promise, or a dream and I will tell you what I think of each. Some people during the 1800s thought that the American Dream was a reality. “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman express a view of a hard working American. This is a realistic American dream because he talks about all the jobs that people had and the hard work they put into their work. The reason it can be considered a reality is that even in this time period, people are still working hard and put some effort forward into their work and enjoy what they're doing. Like Walt Whitman said, people are “Singing with open mouths, their strong melodious songs” and to me this is what a good example of an achievable American Dream should reflect. His dream was to be a hard working American and…show more content…
Martin Luthers King Jr’s American Dream was given to him at birth.Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” Speech shows that the American Dream is a promise. America promised when the Declaration of Independence was signed that “Every man be treated equally under the law”. This was the promise given to all Americans when they were born but, this promise was not kept until Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech about his American Dream. His dream was a dream where people of all races could one day become equal. This is a good example of an American Dream that’s a promise that came true and became a reality. His American Dream became a reality because his speech motivated people to stand up and do something about the racism that was going on during his time. Martin Luther King Dream teaches us that the American Dream can be a
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