The American Dream and College Essay

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The American Dream and College

My junior year of high school was filled with high emotions, stressful moments, and tension about where to apply to college and where I would be accepted and ultimately attend. At a “Making the Most out of your Sixth Semester” forum that year, the entire junior class experienced lectures from the school’s college resource counselors about how to prepare for this arduous battle of college admissions. The way Sue Biermert, who is the College Admissions Counselor at my high school, opened the forum was by asking a question to the parents that put everything into perspective: “How many of you parents feel like you are successful?” Every single hand shot up from the 500 parents in the
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Though, the majority of students who go through this inevitable admissions procedure typically do not meet the Wizard of Oz after traveling the yellow brick road in hopes of being granted their first choice for higher education.

Sue Biermert explained to our junior class that night that life is about taking risks and facing problem after problem. It was obviously not getting any easier by applying to colleges. However, this is what we all had to do in order to feel like our parents in thirty years, because our culture has forced us to be part of the system of going to some sort of university. She admitted that many of us would feel rejected, literally and emotionally, in a year from our top choice. Though, one never knows until you take that leap of faith as she quoted a popular Michael Jordan poster in our Chicago-suburban high school that reads: “I miss 100% of all the shots I don’t take.” Biermert reiterated to us that we were there that night to be part of the process, therefore we must be willing to tackle the admissions problem head on and do the best we can.

The admissions process is analyzed by determining what “ideal students” are, as a more concrete answer may be deduced about how this admissions game works and how to solve this equation. A profitable university to try and examine is The George Washington University in Washington D.C., as this is the university that I am currently attending.

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