The American Dream and the Revolutionary Period

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This gave root to what is known as today as the American Dream. A dream that in the land of the free and the home of the brave anything is possible and all things can be achieved. The American Dream revealed in Revolutionary period writing, consisted of the rebellious colonists' desire to seize the current oppressive government, become citizens of a country where unalienable rights do not come at a cost, and to form a new type of dream not yet discovered by the rest world. The revolution did not just spark overnight but slowly glowed throughout many years of oppression. The colonists were an accustomed to a certain way of life and leadership while the British Empire has been straight in its ways for hundreds of years. According to Kelly, this period that is known as “salutary neglect” that England’s prime minister had found to be very helpful in commerce and trade. The large mass of water called the Atlantic Ocean also assisted this mindset of the colonies being off on their own. As a result, the colonies set up their own legislatures that were essentially doing the jobs that a self-run government would do (Kelly). Because of these factors when England decided to change the colonies resisted. This neglecting attitude caused a rift between the mother country and her colonies when Britain thought it was time to lay down the hammer.
The end of the French…
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