Essay on The American Dream in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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The novel, 'Of Mice and Men' written by John Steinbeck refers back to The American Dream as 'heaven'.

Steinbeck is trying to point out that the American Dream is unrealistic. This novel looks back at the dreams of American individuals in the 1930's. It is set in California at the time of the Great Depression during which the American stock market collapsed leaving the nation in a state of economical disarray.

The disease, hunger and poverty in England were high during this period. Landowners were very wealthy but the rest of the people had to struggle and work very hard for survival. Not only did they have to feed themselves but they also had to pay off the heavy taxes, which went to the
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The Americans preferred to be controlled by a Government instead of being a colony that belonged to the English so they fought for their independence. The war ended in 1776. The English lost and America became an independent nation. Being a good leader during the War of Independence, George Washington was voted to be the first president. He didn't believe a king or queen should rule America. He proposed that the American citizens should govern the nation. People soon agreed with him.

The 'Declaration of Independence' was a document that included a promise from the Government to all Americans. Firstly it declares that 'all men are created equal'. Steinbeck uses this novel to question this rule so he writes about Crooks' situation to express the reality.

Crooks is a 'Negro stable buck'. Being a black American, he has to face the racism. He's treated very badly because of he colour. No one takes any notice of him. Curley's wife refers to him as the 'weak one'.

It says America is to be ruled by a Government so that the citizens would get a say but this novel points out that in reality the individuals have very little power to share their feelings and emotions. They were trapped in the life of work, just like the horses trapped in the 'halter chains'.
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