The American Dream in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, An Outline

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American Dream: Corruptions through materialistic items (Theme to text) ROUGH
- The concept of the American Dream has been present in the lives of many since the beginning of American literature’s arrival
- The ‘American Dreamer’ typically strives to rise from rags to riches, while obtaining wealth, social status, sophistication, love and power whilst on the way to the top
- Throughout different era’s and periods of time the American dream has slightly varied, but the ultimate end goal remains the same; based on independence, a need for freedom, and the ability and desire to achieve greatness in one’s lifetime
- The early American dream was first introduced by early settlers’ who aspired to move West and find land to start a new life and business, this eventually gravitated into a materialistic vision that evolved around lavish mansions, fancy cars, and expensive clothing, thus indicating great accomplishments
- Within the novel G.G, Jay Gatsby is a man that comes from a poor family and no wealth- only has a plan for achieving greatness (American Dream)
- The author demonstrates how one can lose sight in life and become corrupt through focusing only on wealth, supremacy and materialistic possessions
- Gatsby’s goal of obtaining value, love and happiness in life from materialistic items is seen as naïve and fallacious for his ‘dream’ has become corrupted and influenced by the wealth of society and the cynical outlooks of those within his circle
- Gatsby is known for…