The American Dream of Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffett The popular American capitalist, Warren Buffett, has set the standard for many people by reaching the American Dream for most; from the moment young Warren Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska, he had always targeted high and worked harder than anyone, to reach those infinite goals. Many people have different perspectives on what the “American Dream” really means. To some people, being rich, having fame, a happy family, or a healthy lifestyle is what people consider being the American Dream. However, someone like Warren Buffett appears to define the American Dream as having fun with making money rather then the rewarding results that comes from it. Warren Buffett
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He felt as though he already knew a lot about business and that college would be a waste of time for him. His theory was supported when he decided to attend the Wharton School of Finance. The professors were stunned at his ingenious entrepreneurial mind. Buffett knew more then many of his professors and transferred to the University of Nebraska for a better education. (Smith-4) Unfortunately, that university was not that much better. He had achieved good grades in all of his classes at the University of Nebraska and managed to administer 50 newspaper delivery boys simultaneously. After he realized that the University of Nebraska was not helping him much, he decided to drop out and transfer again. He first tried to transfer to Harvard but was not accepted. That decision would later haunt the Harvard administration committee. Warren Buffett then applied to Columbia University and was accepted in 1950. This was an experience that would forever change his life, and direct him on the right road to reach the American Dream of Success. (Ryan-37) One of the most successful and intelligent investors, along with Warren Buffett, was a professor at Columbia named Ben Graham. He viewed the stock market in ways that nobody would ever imagine. Through bear markets and bull markets, no matter what the circumstances were, Ben Graham was making money. Ben Graham wrote a book called The Intelligent Investor, which Buffett refers to as “the

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