The American Education System

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The American education system, as we know it, has failed us, and more of our youth are becoming incarcerated at young ages. The educational system has taken a backseat when it comes to funding prisons; youths have chosen to live a life of crime, as education has become less substantial than money and resources allocated to prisons. Although television shows such as Lock Up or Lock Down expose the harsh realities of the wars that are ongoing in prison, the war on education has taken a substantial effect on young men and women, and has landed several youths to be housed among the general population, which is, essentially, more damaging to the youth than one can imagine. Those who are imprisoned at a young age (among adults) have higher chances of remaining in the incarceration system throughout the rest of their lives, or find themselves in danger of being attacked by older men and women. Youths who are charged as adults should not be housed in adult prisons. Rather than adding to the prison system, an estimated 245 million dollar a year “investment,” these young men and women need to be housed among each other in group homes or rehabilitation centers. Children who are tried as adults and sent to penitentiaries that house adults over the age of 18 years old pose as a threat to these young men and women. We will explore the following issues with placing children in adult prisons: lack of education (and the similarities and the incarceration system), lack of attention given
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