The American Education System

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Acceptance among teacher has been a key factor in successful or unsuccessful technology implementation. Historically, the structure of the American education system has been resistant to any kind of change (Collins & Halverson, 2009). According to Blackwell, Lauricella, and Wartella (2014) teachers with more teaching experience have less favorable attitudes towards technology and use technology less often than teachers with less experience. Districts are making efforts to provide technology for students. The problem that McDermott and Murray (2000) found was despite access to technology, students and teachers were not using it. This could be attributed to many different factors. First, teachers’ attitudes towards technology, positive or negative, have a strong impact on whether or not they use the technology available. A descriptive study done by Mueller, Wood, Willoughby, Ross, and Specht (2008) supports this notion. The researchers surveyed in-service teachers who did and did not integrate computers in their classrooms. The goal was to identify the variables that best discriminated between these two groups. This study’s sample included 185 elementary teachers and 204 secondary teachers representing 94 elementary schools and 16 secondary schools. Each participant was asked to complete a survey. On the survey there were the following subcategories: computer integration, comfort with computers, computer use, computer training, attitudes towards computers,

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