The American Education System Has Changed Since The Founding Of The Country

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The American education system has been transforming since the founding of the country in 1776. For most of the beginning of the country’s life, education was reserved for those who could afford to send their children to England to get a proper education. When education systems started to form in America, it was still a majority of white males from wealth that were the only students. Many colonial families thought it not necessary to go to school to become educated. Parents served as educators for their children and taught them what they thought they needed to know. Additionally, education was also sought through apprenticeships. These were often distinguished by sex, and girls were only ever an apprentice for a seamstress (Kerber, L.K.). It was often promised that boys would learn reading, writing and arithmetic while females were not. In areas of New England, the preacher acted as the teacher. Many children from Puritan and Quaker backgrounds were taught to read by their mothers as it was engrained in their religion that children should be able to read the bible (Kerber, L.K.). In early American history, women who knew how to read would often teach their children and neighbor children how to read. From this, the beginning of private schools began, where women would begin to teach children how to read (Kerber, L.K). These schools were mainly independent of a system, but were one of a few ways for women to work for pay. Many women had to field complaints that taking on
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