The American Education System

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The American education system is set up to create a clear division between the social classes. The quality of the education that children receive depends on whether they attend an elite school or urban schools. Elite schools are located in upper class neighborhoods. Students who attend elite schools receive high quality education. Demographically, the majority of students who attend elite schools are Caucasian. This does not necessarily have much to do with the skill level of the students who apply to the school. More often than not, the application process for these schools is discriminatory. Urban schools on the other hand, are inner city schools known for their diverse population of students who come from middle and lower class…show more content…
A teacher associated low-income children with discipline problems. The teachers did not motive or believe in their student’s success. Students were just given information without explanation or were not encouraged to become independent thinkers. If the students are not performing on their academic level or on the state standards, the schools are not going to receive funding to provide these students with technology. Society tends portray minorities as being destructive and ungrateful. Some believe that providing technology to students in urban school will result in damage and stolen digital devices. Elite schools receive funding for their schools that allows them to provide adequate access to technology to all their students. Unlike elite schools, lack of funding is an issue that increasingly plaguing urban schools and impacting the education those students receive. The buildings are in need of repairs and there is limited about of school staffs. The classroom space remains the same while the number of students per class increases. As a result, their resources such as textbooks to provide for their students are limited. Students utilize old textbooks that are in unacceptable condition and are deprived from receiving or having access to resources and technology. The access to valuable resources put students in a better position for post secondary plans. Urban schools are at risk for low student achievement due to their lack of funding. The unequal quality of education

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