Essay on The American Empire: Created From the British Empire

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The American identity is not concrete. It grows, transforms, evolves, and the American people evolve in parallel. Through vote and through policy, media and protest, election and law, the people dictate the country’s, and the identity’s course. The identity that has roots in revolution. 1776, the United States breaks from Great Britain. The people free themselves, from oppression, from royalty, and begin the governmental experiment that will dominate the globe for the next two and a half centuries. The experiment represents a government so different from Britain’s, that no one would guess they once existed as one. The American people, desperate to rid themselves of British traces, find this beneficial. They must; they are …show more content…
He loathed to establish a government resembling oppressive Britain’s, a loathing that remained a major aspect of American government. Similar ideas appear in later presidents. For instance, Thomas Jefferson quite clearly detested everything British. Richard Bernstein reveals, “he refused to appear before a joint session of Congress to deliver the State of the Union address as a speech, because such ceremonies echoed the way that British monarchs opened Parliament” (140). Instead, Jefferson wrote his message and gave it to a clerk, who relayed it to senators and representatives, “setting a precedent that lasted for more than a century” (140). Since the precedent lasted, later presidents obviously shared Jefferson’s repugnance for British government. Jefferson took things a step further, and in 1803 when British Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Merry visited him, dressed in “full diplomatic regalia” (140), complete with ceremonial sword, Jefferson met him wearing old clothes and worn out carpet slippers. He was later cited as having “no respect for social rank as defined by Old World standards” (141). At this time, Americans threw out Old World standards in favor for their own principles, which became solidly ingrained in America’s political identity. However, this British hatred gets contradicted in the very documents that founded the United States of America. For example, the American Declaration of Independence directly echoes the

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