The American Enlightenment Philosophy

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The American Enlightenment Philosophy developed for a period of almost a century starting in mid 18th century and continued till the latter parts of the 19th century. This was the same era in which the America gained independence and the nation was developing as a cohesive unit. It was on the rise and the people wanted to leave a mark o the international scene. Just like we saw an Age of Enlightenment in the European areas almost a 100 years back the same pattern was being followed and exhibited by the people in this region. Since the major contingency of the people who had settled in the United States were the descendants and the hybrids a number of different races and that is why they had a fairly rich culture and their heritage directed them to be on the path to discovery. There were Brits, Hispanics, Germans and French and similarly there were people who followed different religions and levels and their faiths were different. So they were emerging as a new nation. A new force and they had a lot to write home about. They had to prove something to the world and since most of the people who were leading the nation were highly educated and the learned people were given their due importance, it was realized well and truly in advance that the nation could only succeed if the new and revamped philosophies were implemented. There were a number of different kinds of authors and they felt that it had come upon them to deliver the best for the nation. They had to create awareness
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