The American Family Has Changed Drastically Over The Years

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The idyllic American family has changed drastically over the years. What once was a traditional father-mother-child household has turned to a single-parent-child dynamic. As far back as time goes we can see the nuclear family, where the father is the provider and protector of the family and the mother cares for the home and children. Throughout past decades the nuclear family has waned considerably as we watch government step in to protect and provide by means of local police or National Guard and programs like WIC or welfare, and women are enabled to find their independence. Statistically, the nuclear family is almost non-existent, in an article by Blanchard-Fields, Hertzog, Stein, and Pak it states, “The traditional family model—the husband as breadwinner and the wife as homemaker—makes up only 7% of the families in U.S. society.” The need for monetary security also led to the shift in family dynamic. With the cost of living increasing and wages stagnating many husbands needed their wives to work in order to make ends meet. According to Mackey and Immerman, “…employment within a cash economy enhance[s] the woman‘s financial freedom, but the data suggest[s] that its consequences offer her an extra ply of conjugal freedom. That is, if she is not accruing sufficient satisfaction with her current marital situation, then she has the added opportunity to dissolve her union and to re-direct her life‘s trajectory in a direction that is more aligned with her wishes” (162). In
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