The American Filipino War And The Filipino Revolution

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The American-Filipino war, the Filipino Revolution, the Filipino Insurrection, whatever name you give to the armed conflict between America and the Philippines that occurred at the end the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, it happened and it stays as a footnote on both America’s history and the Philippines’ history. This war, or how my friend humorously called it, “A chain of war atrocities”, ended in the Americans’ favor. However, the question stands, did the Filipino forces ever stand a chance against the Americans? Also, did the Filipino war help the Filipinos get what they wanted all along, Filipino Independence? For the former, you have to look at the belligerents on both sides as well as their tactics along with the reasons of why my friend called the conflict a chain of war atrocities rather than a war; for the latter, you must instead look at the different states the Philippines was in after the war leading up to its independence in order to find out if the American-Filipino war acted as a factor. Philippines for a long time could be considered the Russia of the Pacific. Nations just kept on coming to conquer them. However, unlike Russia, the Philippines failed to keep its independence every single time. After America, Japan came and took over for a while. Before America, the Spanish occupied the Philippines. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who had a mission, to circumnavigate the world. His ship and crew would follow him…

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