The American Financial Industry

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The American financial industry is a very active industry in the world. Although the history for American financial industry is shorter than other old capitalist counties, such as English, France , Netherland, due to the industry ‘s potentiality, creativity and successful supervision comes from government ,the American financial industry has been growing fast since it was established hundreds year ago. Overall ,at present ,from the aspects of industry scale and structure ,monetary policy and the freedom of transaction ,those are more mature and perfect than any other countries, as al result ,the US financial industry has become the world 's most advanced financial industry . As most of people know, the premise of financial development is…show more content…
Consequently, the great depression was happened at that period. It is worth to mention that such cause is still occurring in recent crises. The introduction of US financial regulatory system What is the meaning of financial regulation? Specifically, the financial regulation means there are sets of regulation or supervision, which let the financial organizations comply to requirements, restrictions formulated by government or any other institution. The aim for financial regulation is keep the integrity of financial system, and this objective composing four parts ,the first parts is the regulation should maintain the confidence in financial system, the second part is enhancing the stability of financial system ,the third part is it should protect the consumer rights and the last one is reduce or prevent the financial crime( Kushmeider, Rose Marie,2005). The relaxation on financial regulation, it is always a problem or challenge for authority to confront. Because at initial time ,when reducing the financial regulation ,it usually can
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