The American Folk Music Legend Sixto Diaz Rodriguez

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Introduction The American folk music legend Sixto Diaz Rodriguez known as Rodriguez. A Motown session musician Dennis Coffey, compared him to the Godfather of socially conscious rock, Bob Dylan. Rodriguez is a Mexican American, born in Detroit, U.S.A in 1942. His parents were working class Mexicans that immigrated to Detroit to work for the automobile companies that were offering large salaries at the time. In this period the Mexican immigrants in America especially in this area of Detroit were faced with numerous periods of intense alienation and marginalisation. From an early age Rodriguez had an undeniable talent for playing musical instruments such as the guitar and later on his talent for writing poetic lyrics was imminent. After he left school he began to play at local bars, strip clubs just about anywhere that would allow him to play, this included mainly covers by his favorite artists at the time. His talents were soon recognised by record label scouts and during the 60’s and 70’s he produced two albums: ‘Cold Fact’ and ‘Coming to Reality’. Both of which were complete flops in America but never the less were prolific in ways that he would only realise decades later. It is unknown why the American public never took to him, at that time it may have been because he was a dark skinned Latino, or the fact that his lyrics evoked the sadness of a city such as Detroit that was on the brink of a national recession. Rodriguez often thought he was ready for the world but

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