The American Foreign Policy Changed Over Time

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The American foreign policy changed over time has reflected in its national interest. Foreign policy is a major issue for the people today is because after the terrorists attacked in Paris, they killed over a hundred people. Therefore, the United States wants to go start a war with terrorists in Isis. But Congress prevents the United States from going in war with Isis.They claim if they were start a war with Isis, it will promotes more terrorists in the country. Also, they said it would be better if the United States were to stay neutral and stay away from foreign affairs. Although, the country wasn’t entirely sure if it’s the right thing to ignore other countries’ problems while they are dealing with terrorists. It is the United States’ job and responsibility to intervene in countries and give them support against terrorists. There are times when the United States are stay in insolation, at first, but eventually they start invade in other countries. They only invade in other countries while they might threaten their economic resources, industrial trade or businesses and the people. For an example, in World War I, when the British was fighting against the Axis Powers in Europe, they asked the United States to come join them, but they denied their request multiple times. The United States doesn’t want to be in the conflict or involved with war problems Thus, they ignored them most during World War I. But, in regards to the Germans had attacked the Lusitania ship
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