The American Fur Company

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Chapter 2 Case Study: The American Fur Company 1. How would you evaluate Astor in terms of his motive, his managerial ability, and his ethics? What lesson does his career teach about the relationship between virtue and success? Astor seems as though he wanted to make a better life for himself because he grew up very poor, but didn’t want to be in the same business as his father so he ventured out to make a better living for himself. Therefore, I believe Astor’s motive is greed. He was doing what any businessman would and that is to make money. He didn’t care about the consequences or what it would do to other people in his path. He seems as though he has the need for power and control. His managerial ability is based on many different…show more content…
By the standards of today? Astor, as the owner of American Fur Company compensated himself excessively, which led him to becoming the second richest man in America. The suppliers of the fur and employees of the American Fur Company were not treated fairly. Indian trappers were cheated, robbed and killed. Free trappers worked very hard in dangerous conditions and got paid very little for the efforts and work. Governments were manipulated and ignored. Customers were the only fairly treated because they received the product they purchased. Astor’s abuse of weaker stakeholders was typical of his era, however if he were to trade today, he would be hit with a hefty fine, thrown in jail and even lose his company and all his earnings. Not all of the stakeholders were treated fairly or responsibly, but Astor did what he did to make his business grow and make money and a name for himself. 5. On balance, is the legacy of the American Fur Company and of the fur trade itself a positive legacy? Or is the impact predominantly negative? I think it could be either positive or negative. The reason for negative is because he began trading for fur and started his business out of greed which led to competition, which could be a good thing or bad thing for a business depending on what type of business your in, then it tainted nature which could have reduced the elimination of an already decreasing population of a specific animal or specie. Other
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